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How to use and care for the Forever Fire Reusable Fire Starter Burner Cones

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

A step-by-step guide to ensure Burner Cone longevity.

The Forever Fire Starter is one of its kind, and it is an all-natural product. We found that our customers have a few questions about our cones and we hope that these tips below will help answer all the questions you might have.

Here is an image of my own burner cone which is now in use for the last year. It is important that you take care when using the burner cone, to extend its life. As you can see it shows crumbling on the outer surface and even the mild steel washer is delaminating.

If you take care when using your burner cones, they can last a very long time, but please note that it is a natural product and will break down eventually. Don't worry, as is not too expensive to replace the cones.

Tip #1 - The cones will lose surface area after a few uses

This is normal, there are ways to use it so that it minimizes the abrasion. I have been using my cone for a year and I make sure that when I pack the fire nothing touches my cone. The burner cones are soft, avoid stoking the fire to minimize abrasion.

Tip #2 - Temperature of the fire

I had some of my tightly packed fires reaching temperatures where the color of the steel becomes "Light Cherry (810℃)" and "Light Red (870℃)". Leaving the burner cones for an hour in such heat will inevitably lead to stress and loss of particles in the outer skin.

"Remove the fire starter about 15- 25 minutes max after starting the fire." – Founder of Forever Fire

Tip #3 - The cone should be removed after the oil has burned out.

I remove the fire starter about 15- 25 minutes after starting the fire. Leave it in until the fire has started or until the oil has burned out and remove it.

Let the burner cone cool down for a few minutes, next to the fire and place it back in the pot or hang or store with other fireplace accessories.

Tip #4 - Burner Cone will still work even when it is half of the original size

The burner cone has sufficient volume, and the loss of a few outer layers of the mineral will not affect the efficacy of absorbing sufficient burner oil to get the fire going.

When the burner cone has completely worn down after extended use, unscrew it from the twisted rod and replace it with a new burner cone.

Old burner cones can be disposed of without causing harm

Tip #5 - Densely packed fires will compromise the integrity of your burner cone

When charcoal/ wood is packed densely, temperatures get extremely high, to the point that the lifting eye gets glowing red and the integrity of the cone gets compromised. The cone will damage when there is an abrasion or if you drop the cone.

Tip #6- Temperature changing will cause the pre-assembled burner cone unit to loosen.

The constant temperature changes can and will cause nuts to loosen. Take your multitool or spanner and tighten it now and again to prevent the assembled unit from falling apart. (Don't over-tighten, because it will cause the cone to crack)

We really want to encourage you to share your experience with us, if you have any questions or concerns we are here for you.

We hope this article has helped you understand a bit more about the product.

Our email is or send us a WhatsApp message at 0714011484.

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