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Igniting Brand Identity: Customizing the Forever Fire Logo to Blaze a Unique Corporate Gift

Forever Fire has set the world ablaze with its innovation and dedication to creating unforgettable experiences around the warmth of a fire. As we expand our reach to the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and the sunny shores of Malibu, Florida, USA, we are excited to share our latest development - the ability to customize the iconic Forever Fire logo to match your brand's unique identity in any color of your choosing. But before we delve into the captivating world of customization, let's take a moment to reflect on what makes Forever Fire such a roaring success.

A Fiery Journey Around the World Forever Fire began with a simple vision - to transform the way we kindle our fires. From the cozy evenings spent in South African to the lush landscapes of Europe and the sun-soaked beaches of Florida, we've kindled sparks of joy and togetherness worldwide.

Our Forever Fire Starter Gift Kit has been a cornerstone of these unforgettable moments. The magic of Forever Fire lies in the art of creating lasting memories and bonding with loved ones around a fire.


A Partnership with a Purpose At Forever Fire, we believe in the power of making a positive impact. We've proudly partnered with a South African township initiative, Macassar Pottery, which not only creates beautiful ceramic seals for our kits but also generates job opportunities and imparts valuable skills to people who may have never had the chance to learn any craft. This initiative is a heartwarming testimony to the power of community and empowerment. Macassar Pottery is transforming lives by providing a platform for individuals to learn the art of ceramics, empowering them with skills that open doors to a brighter future.

The Power of Customization Now, let's set the stage for our exciting announcement. Forever Fire is proud to introduce the option of customizing the ceramic seal of our Forever Fire Starter Gift Kit with your brand logo in any color you desire. These seals have a 5 cm radius and, during the glazing process, we can infuse them with the hues of your brand to ensure a perfect alignment with your identity. Making it the best Corporate Gift you could ever wish for.

The Original Forever Fire Starter Gift Kit Our classic Forever Fire Starter Gift Kit includes everything you need for a magical fire-lighting experience. It's a perfect addition to any gathering, whether it's a cozy family get-together or a lively beach bonfire. The kit is retailing at R 899.- and consists of the following:

  • Wand

  • Clay pot

  • 1-liter oil

  • Gas lighter

  • Spare burner cone

The Personalized Forever Fire Starter Gift Kit Now, imagine taking your fire-lighting experience to the next level with our personalized version. The Personalized Forever Fire Starter Gift Kit allows you to elevate your gift-giving experience with a personalized touch, making it truly one-of-a-kind. This option is available at a retail price of R998.75 and requires a minimum order of 18 kits, each featuring your own logo.

The Forever Fire Premium Kit with Forever Fire Branded Pot.

If you would like to order 30 or more we would be happy to give you the units at wholesale price. Please email us at

The possibilities are limitless. You can now impress your clients, celebrate a special occasion, or promote your brand with a unique, customized Forever Fire Starter Gift Kit that carries the spirit and warmth of your identity.

Forever Fire is thrilled to offer this extraordinary customization option to our valued customers, and we're excited to see the unique ways in which you'll infuse your brand's essence into the fires we kindle together. As we continue to expand and ignite the world with our passion, we look forward to being a part of your brand's remarkable journey. Together, let's spark lasting memories, forge new connections, and set your brand's identity ablaze with the warmth of Forever Fire.

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