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Enjoy outdoor cooking with the UV Braai 4 with free and clean sustainable energy. This solar cooker presents an excellent alternative to dangerous gas bottles. Benefit from the UV Braai 4 on your 4×4 trip, while camping or even at home. Capture the sun’s rays and focus them to a small area to create heat to cook from. Achieve heating speeds comparable to a gas cooker.

UV Braai 4

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  • Reflective Dishes

    The cooker features four large, concave, reflective parabolic dishes. These dishes are designed to capture and focus sunlight to create heat.

    Central Tower and Adjustable Base

    The central vertical structure supports the cooking apparatus and reflective dishes. The base includes adjustable tracks to optimize sunlight capture.

    Temperature Control and Versatility

    Each parabolic dish provides approximately 100 degrees Celsius. Combined, they can reach a maximum temperature of 400 degrees Celsius. All four dishes can be adjusted, and the cooking surface can be lowered on a threaded bar to achieve different temperatures and accommodate various cooking methods.

    Design and Patent

    Designed and patented by Matthew Cox, this solar cooker concept is unique in its ability to focus the sun’s rays onto a small area, efficiently generating heat for cooking.

    Cooking Capacity:

    With four dishes, the cooker generates enough heat for quick water boiling or cooking large quantities of food, such as meat, simultaneously.

    The UV Braai 4 solar cooker represents a sustainable alternative to traditional gas cookers, offering flexibility and efficiency in outdoor cooking settings, allowing for various cooking methods.

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