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Elevate your outdoor cooking experience with the UV Braai 2, harnessing the power of clean and sustainable solar energy. Ideal for potjies and stews, this versatile cooker also allows for faster cooking by adjusting the pot's height, increasing the cooking temperature. The UV Braai 2 offers a safe and eco-friendly alternative to gas bottles, perfect for 4x4 trips, camping adventures, or home use. Enjoy the freedom and convenience of solar cooking wherever you are.


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  • The UV Braai 2 features:

    Reflective Dishes: Two large, concave reflective dishes are positioned at the base of the tripod. These dishes are designed to capture and focus sunlight onto the cooking area.

    Design and Function: The design uses reflective dishes to concentrate the sun’s rays onto the cooking pot. This mimics the functionality of a traditional gas cooker but uses solar energy as the heat source.

    Tripod Braai Stand: An optional metal tripod allows for an elevated cooking position.

    Cooking Pot: A cooking pot is suspended from the top of the tripod using a chain. This setup allows the pot to hang directly above the focal point of the reflective dishes, where the concentrated sunlight generates heat.

    Adjustability: The design allows for adjustments to heat different pots or pans and furthermore to use varying temperatures by adjusting the parabolic dishes. Each dish provides an approximate temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. The height of the cooking pot can be adjusted by altering the length of the chain. This allows control over the intensity of the heat and cooking temperature.

    This solar cooker is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to conventional cooking methods, utilizing solar energy to achieve high cooking temperatures quickly and efficiently.

    The Tripod Braai Stand is available separately. 

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