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The smart Universal Reusable Fire Starter is a fire-making game-changer, once you have it you'll love it. 


A kit perfect for camping, traveling, and indoor and outdoor fireplaces. 


The Universal Fire Starter Kit consists of:

1 Steel Lifting Hook 

1 Burner Cone

1 Litre Special Burner Fluid





Universal Fire Reusable Starter Kit

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  • Use your sealable container and fill it with Special Burner Oil.

    Do not overfill your oil container.

    Inserting the Burner Cone into the Burner Oil will lead to displacement and possible overflow of oil. 


    Dip the burner cone into the burner oil by using the steel lifting hook. The Burner Cone is highly absorbent, let the cone soak for 5- 10 seconds. 


    Remove the Burner Cone from the liquid and let the excess fluid drip. 

    Place your Burner Cone underneath the wood or charcoal and light your Burner Cone. 


    Let it burn for 20-25 min until the oil that was absorbed stops burning, use your lifting hook to remove it from the fire. 


    Hang or store your fire lighter with other fireplace accessories.


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