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Forever Fire Reusable Fire Starter Gift Kit

SKU: 781159915956


Forever Fire's Reusable Fire Starter Gift Kit is providing you with a clean-burning, and smart South African-made fire starter.

This kit makes the perfect gift, and it is perfect for any fireplace, hearth, or braai. Assemble, and light a roaring fire in minutes. 


Forever Fire Lighter Kit consists of:

  • Wand assembly consisting of a wooden handle, twister rod, and burner cone
  • One spare burner cone
  • Forever Fire handcrafted ceramic pot with lid
  • Forever Fire Special Burner Oil (1 liter)
  • Slimline lighter


Our products and packaging are 100% environmentally friendly, locally sourced, and recycled components are used. We support local businesses and entrepreneurs.

The Forever Fire Lighter Kit will be the last firestarter you will ever purchase, once you have it you'll love it.

Forever Fire Reusable Fire Starter Gift Kit

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